What does Ecología mean?

Ecología is a Greek word and concept meaning "knowledge of the home". It Encompasses family, community, the natural environment, culture, ancestry and past, present and future time being in constant and interdependent relationship with each other.

Our Philosophy


The ecología philosophy, like social ecology, strives to heal the divide between humanity and nature. Ecología Rising is rooted in permaculture principles and Community Education philosophy that views each community as an interdependent organism that is able to rise up collectively to realize self-actualization. For a community to achieve its fullest potential, every member contributes to its overall functioning. The Community Education philosophy believes that collective wisdom already exists in every community, but often lies dormant like seeds under ground. We work to germinate these seeds.

The Role of Imagination


We believe unlocking people's uninhibited imaginations is the key to accessing and creating a new paradigm and way of being in the future. If we are to create an innovative, sustainable, ecologically, economically and socially just world of today and tomorrow, we need to radically change our past and current mindsets to create new visions of the present and future.

Primary Facilitator:

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Sophia Maravell started facilitating groups as a community and political organizer in 2012. She began holding individual and collective visioning sessions during and after her Master's thesis work in Community Education at Goddard College. She believes having a clear vision is the first step toward transformative change in individuals, communities and society. She has worked with individuals, communities and non-profits in the United States and central America as a facilitator. Sophia has attended Miki Kashtan's workshop on convergent facilitation and The People's Institute training on undoing institutionalized racism. She is passionate about creating beloved communities where both the natural world and people can creatively grow together in a way that is rejuvenative, inspiring and land connected. 

Influences on Sophia's personal philosophy include Joanna Macy, bell hooks, Wendell Berry, Jon Young, Angella Gibbons, Murray Bookchin, Miki Kashtan, Myles Horton, Paulo Freire, Linda Stout, Martin Luther King Jr., and Vandana Shiva.