Our Process: What does this look like on the ground?

Ecología Rising’s process stems from the Community Education praxis process which is a continuous cycle of the community proposing an idea through imaginative visioning, researching, assessing, implementing through practice, evaluating, reflecting and revising. in order to empower communities to realize their potential. 

A trained facilitator will work with individuals and groups in a series of pre-determined "meetings", what we call sessions, to figure out where you want to be ideally, where you are now, and how you will get there. This process is similar to organizational development, using the end goal of your ideal vision as your starting point, and then working backwards from there. Each process and series of meetings looks different for each client depending on different needs.

After core elements and values have been discovered and agreed upon in collective visioning sessions, participants are led through an imaginative brainstorming exercise to generate ideas. Then the permaculture design principles are used as a framework to organize and combine each individual's idea into one collective idea. From there, the larger idea is improved and honed. 

Once the vision is clear, then the inner work begins to assess where an individual or group is in this moment. Honesty and transparency, compassion and acceptance are key for this stage. 

Once those two points have been determined, the action plan, or path forward is formed taking into consideration all potential obstacles, challenges, advantages and assets.