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Facilitation Services:

Collective Community Visioning Sessions

 This facilitated group process is an interactive and inclusive dialogue between diverse community stakeholders that generates a collective vision for their community. Subsequent sessions are offered and encouraged in order to put the vision into action. The topics of each subsequent session include:

  • Assessing and cultivating community readiness

  • Designing a community needs assessment and research plan

  • Creating an action plan and implementation timeline

  • Ensuring a systematic routine feedback loop to enable productive revisions of the vision and process

On-going Off-site Support

Ecología Rising works with community leaders remotely to act as a guide supporting the continuation of implementing, reflecting on, and revising the new vision created in the first envisioning session. This service includes providing individual and group conference calls with community members, sharing materials, providing support and resources to carry communities successfully through the steps of enacting and sustaining their vision.

Extended On-site Support

Ecología Rising staff visit communities in person to assess and build community readiness and facilitate collective visioning sessions. Ecología Rising staff live on-site or nearby the community, business or organization and serve as an active participant researcher for a predetermined number of weeks. During this time the Ecología Rising staff conduct interviews and field observations. Following the interview and data collecting period, the leaders of the community and Ecología Rising staff work to plan and implement a collective visioning session as the first introduction to the ecología community change model. Numerous all-community and smaller group meetings will be facilitated in order to develop an action plan and implementation timeline for enacting the community’s vision. 

Individual Visioning Sessions

Ecología Rising conducts one-on-one individual visioning facilitation sessions for individuals to imagine the life, career, community or business they want to create that is in harmony with their social ecology. This process is also for people who need to organize, clarify or deepen an existing vision or aspiration. Next steps to implement their vision with an action plan are offered in separate follow-up sessions.

Couples Visioning Sessions

Couples at any stage of their relationship can benefit from structured and facilitated visioning of what it is they want to manifest together, or support each other as individuals. This package include relatively short one on one check ins with both individuals first to understand what they would like to get out of the visioning session. Following the individual sessions is a facilitated joint two hour couples visioning session.